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The World’s Most Fascinating and Impressive Rooves

Chances are you don’t really think too much about your roof – it’s just the thing above your home that keeps you warm and dry, right? However, when thought and care is taken with the design of a roof it can really be a beautiful thing. There are many structures in the world that have truly stunning roof architecture, making an artistic statement as well as keeping the rain and snow away.
So what are some of the most impressive rooves in the world? Here are a few great examples:

The Minnesota Vikings Football Stadium

In Minnesota USA, the roof of the football stadium is quite a challenge of engineering. Previously the dome of the city’s Metrodome collapsed due to the incredible amount of weight from the snow piled on top of it. In order to create a roof that could withstand the heavy snow showers, the new Viking’s stadium was designed to be transparent.
The clear roof will allow natural light to come into the stadium, while still keeping sporting fans safe from the elements. The roof will be slanted in a strategic way, so that the snow will slide right off and can be easily removed. The roof structure will be made from polymer material rather than glass, which will be much safer and stronger.
Of course, although the roof on your home doesn’t need to withstand this much weight from snow it is still important to have a quality roof from www.marcusroofing.co.ukto keep out the elements.

Thean Hou Temple, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

You can stare at the ornate roof of this beautiful temple for hours, your eyes finding more and more details the longer you look. There are carved colourful tiles, painted images, sweeping curved edges and plenty of decorative dragons baring their teeth to the sky. It must have taken months to carve all of the tiny details in this gorgeous roof.
The temple is dedicated to a Goddess whose name means “Heavenly Mother” in Cantonese and it is actually only about 25 years old, even though it looks like an ancient building.

Frankfurt International Airport, Frankfurt, Germany

This busy European airport is home to the biggest green roof in the world and it was one of the very first roof gardens to be constructed on an airport. It has continued to grow throughout the years and the gardens on the roof help to cool down the building interior – which in turn reduces energy consumption.
The concept of a green roof is growing in popularity, as it is a way to use roof space that would otherwise be wasted for growing food and plants – which will benefit the environment, provide nourishment and cut down on greenhouse gases.

The Centre of New Industries and Technologies, France

This impressive building is located just outside of Paris and it is known for being an engineering marvel due to its roof. It is the longest unsupported piece of concrete in the world. There are no supporting columns at all; making you wonder what amazing trick of design allows this roof to stay up!It’s a pretty impressive sight to say the least, especially if you are interested in building design.

The Sydney Opera House

Everyone will recognise the silhouette of the Sydney Opera House, as it is one of the most famous buildings in the world. Its curved shape has become a symbol for the city of Sydney and Australia in general. All of the “shell” shapes that make up the roof are made from pre-cast concrete and they are covered by millions of tiles. When you see the sheer scale of this building it is not hard to imagine that it took 14 years to complete and it cost over 102 million Australian dollars!

Buildings of Santorini, Greece

One of the most picturesque islands in Greece, Santorini is known for the beautiful white washed domed rooves on all of its buildings. Although these rooves are very beautiful to look at, they were actually designed for a practical purpose. They are made from whitewashed limestone, which reflects the sun’s rays so that the interior of the building can stay cool in the Mediterranean heat. Also the buildings are designed with cisterns that are located near the roofs in order to catch rainwater, because water can be scarce in the hot months of summer.
These are just a few examples of the most impressive and fascinating rooves around the world. While your home will probably be fine with classic Flat roofing by Marcus Roofing rather than elaborate structures, it’s still very interesting to see the amazing architectural accomplishments we have achieved over the years.

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