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5 Truly Inspirational Pieces of Office Furniture

Whether you’re kitting out your home office, or begging your boss to make some changes to the four drab walls of your workplace, there’s an unlimited number of looks you could go for. Minimal, retro, industrial, New England... The key is finding the look that best suits you and your workspace.

Credit to Jeremy Levine Design

Here are 5 inspirational, quirky pieces of office furniture to get those creative cogs grinding.
  1. The Rally Office Chair

Strictly for the speedsters, Rally office chairs are handmade from Cobra car seats, and come in a huge range of colours and fabrics. These are unbelievably comfortable – in fact Rally has just unveiled their first orthopedically designed chair, sure to give great support to your back and neck. The chairs are also made from reactive foam, which moulds itself to your body shape over time, ensuring that you’ll never want to get out of it.

        2. Puro Glass Desk by Dwell

The Puro glass desk is simply stunning, ideal if you’re going for the minimalistic vibe and want a statement piece. It’s made of one just sheet of glass, bent into shape for a completely seamless look. If you’ve got space issues then this helps your room to look uncluttered.

        3. Panton Flowerpot Adjustable Table Lamp by Heal’s

The Panton Flowerpot is the perfect retro lamp, perfect for bringing a touch of the swinging 60s into your office. Comprising of two semicircular spheres facing into each other, on a smooth wire frame, it looks amazing, and comes in a great colour range. The lime green is best for the quirky vintage look, and adds a pop of colour to your room.

        4. Wash Drum Coffee Table by Silvana

The Wash Drum coffee table inspired by both minimalism and industrial design with its clean metal and frosted glass finish. It’s actually made from a recycled washing machine drum with a glass top to balance your coffee mug on, and there’s a soft light installed inside to send pinpricks of light dancing across the walls. Also, you can get your company’s logo frosted into the glass (which might sway your boss into buying one).

         5. Tok Chair by Varier

The Tok chair is a beautiful piece of design work, but is also ergonomic, so you can work in style and comfort. It’s been developed to work with your body as you sit, so if you shift your weight to one side, the chair will smoothly tilt and swivel for you. The neck rest is adjustable to fit anyone, and you can tilt it as well for maximum comfort. Get this with the footrest and you won’t want to leave your desk!
We’ve shown you just a few items here, but there are so many unique pieces out there. Just one piece of furniture can inspire, and turn your office (or cubicle) into a completely unique space. It doesn’t have to be a big item – a table lamp can instigate your whole scheme – it’s just whatever you find makes you want to go to work.

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