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Facing Foreclosure and What it Means for Your Dog

When losing your home to foreclosure is imminent, your dog and other family pets are also losing the home they have grown to know and love, too. Leaving the dog behind is not an option, but you will need to either find new housing that permits your pets, or relocate them to a new home and perhaps even a new owner.
Setting your dog loose or abandoning him at your foreclosed home is irresponsible and in some cases even illegal (animal cruelty laws may apply). You are not doing him, or yourself any favors. Dogs are comforting creatures. The therapeutic benefits of companionship they offer are what you need in a difficult time. If you want to keep your dog in spite of losing your home, follow these tips.


Find your dog temporary care during the relocation process. While you know you want to keep your dog, you also do not want to try to move your belongings with a dog underfoot. Ask your family and friends if they can help by watching your dog while you move from your home to your new housing arrangement. If you have to board your pet during the relocation, ask about a payment plan or low-cost boarding.

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