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Make Your Bathroom Brighter and More Pleasing through Window Design

Windows not only help in circulation of air but can reinforce the style factor of any room. So, why should your bathroom window get neglected?  If you want to have the best bathtub experience, where your bathroom window lies does matter as light and sunlight filtering can only be accomplished successfully by well positioned windows. Nowadays, you’ll find that the trend lies towards larger windows for a more airy and light filled bathroom. There’s more of a focus on bringing the outdoors within and having a touch of spaciousness.

Bathroom window magic

While many a double basin Victorian styled bathroom sports long narrow almost door length windows, you have bay windows surrounding Jacuzzi tubs and master bathrooms with French doors, to name a few. It is not only about how you do up your windows. The thrust areas should be clear.

  • Ventilation:

    Window placement should help bring in some fresh air for a cooler bathroom. In case you are installing a spa enclosure, have a few ventilation windows.
  • Privacy:

    Frosted with patterns and stained glass, windows not only add charm to your bathroom but ensure privacy as well. Another plus point is that the sunbeams that come in will have a rainbow-like effect.
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