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Lost your house keys? 5 Alternative Keyless Door Locks

Modern technology has brought the concept of locking up your valuables to a whole new level with the latest keyless door locks. Offering a variety of advantages, keyless locks make it faster and easier to unlock your door while also adding enhanced security. In addition they come in a multitude of styles and functions so you can match your lock type to your home and lifestyle.  So no more jiggling your key in the hole to try and make it work or scavenging through your handbag, unless of course this is what you prefer.

1.       The keypad lock

Image Source: http://img.diytrade.com/cdimg/335942/3774283/0/1181265707/MECHANICAL_KEYLESS_DIGITAL_DOOR_LOCK_ZMAR.jpg

The most common of keyless locks is the code lock, which allows entry by entering a private code into the keypad. With this option families can choose a code lock that allows every family member their own private code as well as visitors, so when your visitors leave you can simply delete their code. Installation is easy and you never have to worry about losing your house keys again.
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