Rabu, 05 September 2012

Waste Time, Seriously

Many home improvement advice columns tend to center around the new additions to the home.  New creative ideas, windows, furniture and other feng shui instructions.  While these hopeful expectations of things to come is typically the spark that drives these projects, this blog post centers around the less attractive, but just as important side, of home improvement: waste management.

Every home improvement project creates some form of waste, and what to do with it is a major concern. There exists a labyrinth of regulations depending on where the project is being done, who is doing it, and what is being done.  This alone makes it difficult to ensure one does not break any rules, but throw in the stresses of the other components of a home renovation project and this maze can turn into a major headache.  Fortunately, there are experts in these matters who can help lessen your burden.

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