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How to Buy a Cooker

Getting the right cooker for your kitchen and your lifestyle can be tricky. There’s so much to choose from – a whole range of exceptional manufacturers, budget and luxury appliances and a host of different functions so you can cook the way you want.

Whether you think you simply can’t live without a rotisserie, you really want a specialised wok burner, or you want just want a simple fan assisted oven for easy baking, there’s a cooker out there to suit your exact requirements. Have a look through our straightforward guide to learn more about the different cookers available...

cooker for your kitchen
cooker for your kitchen

Freestanding Cookers

Freestanding cookers are the most popular. Available in three standard widths (60cm, 55cm and 50cm), they can be easily integrated into almost any kitchen, helping to save space and money!

However you like to cook, you can choose a free standing cooker with a combination of functions to suit your style, such as double and single ovens with separate grills, single ovens with built-in grills or single ovens with an eye-level grill.

You can also choose your fuel type – sole gas and electric ovens have different benefits, but if you think you would prefer to cook in an evenly heated electric oven, but have the benefits of an intense gas hob you can also choose to have a dual fuel freestanding cooker.

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