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Turning A House Into A Home With Proper Decorating

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A house doesn't exactly feel like a home right off the bat. Maybe you don't like the popcorn ceiling or the outdated paneling on the walls. The great news is: all of these types of things can be changed, updated or altered. Even if you don't feel like removing that dreaded popcorn ceiling or swapping out the current paneling, there are other ways to make the space flow nicely and become more 'you.'

Show Off What You Love Most
A great place to start is by sitting down and thinking about what you enjoy most in life. What colors stand out to you? What style are you going for? Do you have particular items, photos or furniture that you are most proud of? Maybe you purchased a new, leather couch and have been dying to show it off for some time. That time may be now.

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Look through things you have that maybe you, for whatever reason, have kept stored away. There might just be old keepsakes that were handed down to you that would go perfect with your new place. It's very easy to forget what we have, so looking through everything at least once a year (spring cleaning, anyone?) is a wonderful idea. Not only are you likely to find hidden treasures along the way, but you may also discover that you have many items you no longer need or want, which can be donated, recycled or tossed; giving you much more space to work with.


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