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Exterior House Painting Tips Melbourne

When it comes to painting the exterior of our homes everyone seems to think it is an easy job with no need to call in the professionals. Whilst we obviously would like you to call us in the following should help avoid the most common pitfalls if you wish to have a go yourself:

 Exterior House Painting 


  1.  Always put safety in mind so use proper access equipment and avoid over stretching
  2.  Preparation is essential to any job and particularly re-painting so rub down with a wire brush to remove all loose and flaking paint
  3.  Repair any missing cement mortar, pebble dashing etc or cracks in the rendering or woodwork
  4.  Try to carry out the redecoration from Spring to early Autumn to avoid low temperatures
    Exterior house paint colors
  5.  Only use the correct materials and buy the best you can afford as they look better and last longer
  1.  Watch the weather forecast and allow enough drying time before any rain is forecast
  2.  Follow precisely the manufacturers instructions and do not cut corners – it will backfire on you .
  3.  Always start in the shade and try to follow the shade and avoid direct sunlight where possible
  4.  Ensure you work to a wet edge to avoid “dry lines” and only start a wall if you can finish the same day
  5.  Do not remove sheeting or masking until painted areas are fully cured or dried

 Exterior House Painting

If you are happy to attempt a DIY exterior house painting project then we can supply you with our unique external masonry paint coatings along with application instructions and we also offer advice on the most suitable product for your home.

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