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Let Your Environment Inspire You!

Everyone has different criteria when selecting a new home. Maybe you’re a writer and want an environment that stimulates your imagination, maybe you dream of being a mother and that extra room is just begging to be turned into a nursery…whatever the case, your home is just that- YOUR home. Maybe it’s time to stop thinking of the home as a place of quiet and relaxation (unless you’re a yoga teacher) and focus on choosing one that lets you be you.

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Purchasing a home is obviously one of life’s greats Firsts (first kiss, first job, first baby) so it is understandable that you might be a little picky. Do not think of the home as just a shelter to protect you from the rain, but as a place where you can relax, raise a family, create memories, and entertain your friends. When searching, it is great to view many options to determine which particular ones strike your fancy. Once the options have been narrowed down, dive into the grimy details. Don’t be afraid to get down and dirty with the research. It is important to keep an open mind when purchasing a new home, particularly if you are a first time buyer, as the castle you imagined in your mind just might translate into the 800 square foot bungalow actually in your price range.

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Get creative!
Don’t worry about the fact that your home fits into the foyer of your dream castle three times over, that’s okay. Purchasing a house can be a huge wake-up call. Don’t dwell on what your home isn’t, but focus on improving on what it is.

Go ahead, decorate.
Always longed of having orange walls but worried about the landlord dashing your hopes with a simple ‘no’? Well, there’s no time like now. Creating an environment you enjoy being in spills over into other areas of life too. So break out that Moroccan furniture you love and mix it with that new Tibetan-inspired coffee table- it may just bring you inner peace.

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It’s okay to experiment.
Perhaps you always flirted with the idea of installing a romantic skylight in your bedroom or adding those granite countertops of your dreams- well, do it. Experimenting is the only way to officially get that bug out of your system and who knows, that romantic skylight might just inspire you in the bedroom in more ways than one.

Use technology and the internet.
There is an abundance of cool tehnology online that can help you visualize your space before you commit to a particular layout.

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