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Keep your roof looking its best with these five top tips

The hot weather of July has drifted away on the breeze and once more we are left to contain with occasional sunshine and persistent showers. That is not to complain of course, because such a sunny spell has been many years in the making. Rather, it got us thinking about the poor roofs of the UK and the inclement conditions they have to bat away on a regular basis, often with little or no maintenance or care.

Whether you have a felt roof, tiled roof or something different like a rubber roof you want your roof to not only look the part, but also function properly, here are five tips which can help you to keep your roof at its best without the costs, well, going through the roof. 


·         Keep the gutters clear

For the most part, roofs require very little attention to keep them ship shape. The gutters however, are one area which requires a little maintenance for time to time; after the autumn fall is one such time, particularly if your house is situated near or under deciduous trees. The problem with having a guttering full of autumnal debris is that rainfall, of which there will no doubt be ample, will not be able to flow unobstructed into drainage systems. Water overflowing from gutters can cause damp in the wall over which the water flows, gradually eroding away the render. If you’re happy using a ladder you can clear the guttering yourself with a bucket, trowel and garden hose.

·         Fascia boards

Fascia boards are one of the easiest methods of making a big difference to the appearance of your roof. UPVC fascia boards are the contemporary choice, and as well as providing a fresh, clean look to your home, once fitted they require virtually no maintenance, apart perhaps from the occasional wash down.
When fitting fascia boards you can either directly replace the fascia boards you already have, which may have rotten or worn over time, or fit new fascia boards directly over the top of the existing fascia if it is still in good condition.  

Plastic fascia boards are the perfect choice for contemporary houses as they complement the design of modern homes whilst not requiring even so much as a lick of paint.   

·         Roof inspections

A roof inspection is probably something you should consider every two or three years simply to make sure everything is in order. The only way to properly inspect a roof is from on it, so rather than clambering about on your roof, we highly advise seeking the assistance of a professional, who will be able to safely inspect your roof and let you know whether there are any damaged or missing tiles, or any other work that needs some attention.

·         Conduct a visual inspection

Although it’s best to leave a full inspection to the professionals, you can easily carryout a visual inspection yourself from the ground. Simply stand back as far as is necessary to get a good view of the roof and check for any defects or debris which might cause problems further down the line. The final check is to ascend to a position where your sight is in line with the plane of the roof alignment. From this angle you will easily be able to spot whether any of your roof shingles have buckled. If they have, it’s time to call in the professionals.

·         Ventilation

Ventilation can be easily added to a roof as a cost effective method of increasing its life span and improving its general health. Insufficient ventilation can lead to a cracking or curling of roof shingles, which can be quite expensive to replace. Prevention in the first instance is certainly more cost effective than the cure.


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