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Moving Into A New House 5 Things You Need To Get Done First

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There's hardly an experience as thrilling as the prospect of moving into a new home. But to make that experience last longer and that dream home habitable, you have to make sure that the dents are fixedand thenecessary works are done. To make it easier for you, we list six important things you need to do first, which also make you feel less awkward about living in an entirely new place.

    • Get rid of the unwanted
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The first and foremost step towards transforming that empty house into your home is to get rid of the unwanted. Clean up the cobwebs and the debris; call in the scrap guys to take the old stuff out. Next, call in the pest control services and fumigate the place. Next, look out the window and check for intrusive birds (there's a 90% chance you'll find a dozen of them, at least); call for bird removal services to set up preventive measures. This is the most basic step and goes a long way in allowing you a good night's sleep.
    • Fix the leaks
every room

Before you set up all your stuff, take a thorough tour around the house and in each and every room, especially the watery areas like the bathroom, toilet and the kitchen. Check for even the slightest hint of drips and leaks. Touch the walls and check the ceilings for any signs of dampness. Leakages are not only unflattering to the overall appeal of the house, but also highly dangerous when it comes to electrical shorts. So yes, the earlier you fix this, the better.
    • Fix the broken
every room

Whether it's the roof, broken countertops, showerheads or doors and windows, fix it. Leaving the broken things kitchen and bathroom for later will end up destroying your paint job and the rest of your interiors. And ignoring the shaky roof, doors and windows prove to be a threat to your overall security.
    • Clean yourself up
every room

Once the major labor work is done and everything else is filled in, go hit the showers! Take a long hot bath. It may feel very weird and creepy to shower in a completely unknown bathroom, but once you step out, you'll be instantly at home. Get into your jammies, grab a mug of coffee and rest for a bit. After which, you may have to make some important calls, like call for pizza service.
    • Find technology
Move house

Unless you want to spend the rest of your existence like a nomad, gets your hands on this as soon as possible. Grab the local directory or look up on the internet for TV and internet service providers. This proves very helpful when you're new to the town or locality and need to find places like the nearest restaurant, café, supermarket or just figure out what the neighborhood is like.
    • Tell everyone!
Move House

You've got a new house! You've slogged day in and day out to turn it into your sweet little home. There's no way you're not sharing this news with the rest of the world. Take pictures, upload them, and get in touch with friends who live nearby. And well, you have to throw that house warming party too. Moreover, the more you tell people about "your" place, the more you feel it.

It may feel a little awkward at the beginning, especially when you have to find the switch or find your way to the fridge or toilet in the middle of the night. But give it some days, put your heart into it, and soon you'll feel like you've been living here since forever!

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