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Six Things That Probably Won't Happen In A Swimming Pool

A Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are very versatile, but there is a limit to what you can do in one. You might be able to swim, lounge around on an inflatable whilst reading a book, or even play catch with the dog. But many other things you might wish to do for fun are strictly off-bounds thanks to Health & Safety issues. Or at least they will be if you possess a modicum of common sense. So what might you not be doing in your swimming pool any time soon?

Eating a 3 Course Meal

Eating in Swimming Pool

Eating food in the water is never a good idea. Any biological substances that end up in the water are classed as a contaminant and could affect water quality. You are also at risk of catching an infection from existing bacteria and germs lurking in the water. And let’s not forget that chlorine won't add much to the delicate flavors of your meal.

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Watching a Movie

Watching Movie in Swimming Pool

Water and electricity don't mix very well. Moving the TV close enough to the poolside so you can watch your favorite movie from the water is a seriously bad idea. Imagine how embarrassing it would be if the TV accidentally fell into the water and electrocuted you? The only way around this distressing problem is to buy a huge, cinema screen television and install it in a room close to the pool. As long as you keep the drapes open and add a surround sound system you should be able to watch the action from outdoors.

A Proposal of Marriage

Proposal of marriage in swimming pool

There are many romantic places to propose marriage: a tropical beach at sunset, across a table in a favorite restaurant, or in a hot air balloon floating above the Grand Canyon as the sun rises. Sadly a swimming pool is not one of those places, unless it happens to be an infinity pool on a luxurious tropical island.

A Wedding

Wedding on Swimming pool

If a proposal of marriage is unlikely to happen while you are reclining on an inflatable in the pool, then a wedding is even less likely. For one thing, most brides are insecure and the thought of exposing their naked flesh to a congregation is scary, and for another, their hair and makeup would be ruined.

Giving Birth

Giving birth on swimming pool

Water births are not uncommon and many women find that the pain of labor is significantly reduced if they spend at least some of the time in warm water. However, a swimming pool is full of chlorine, which would be decidedly unhealthy for a newborn baby. Giving birth in a swimming pool would also represent a significant hygiene problem.

Doing a Day's Work

Doing work in swimming pool

Do you work from home? If so, there is no reason why you can't tap away at your laptop whilst sitting next to the pool. You may even be more productive away from your desk. If you decide to take a dip, it might be possible to continue making work calls, but taking a laptop into the pool probably isn't recommended.

Although none of these activities are recommended for swimming pools, there are plenty of other things you can do in a pool—swimming being top of the list. So if you're interested in having a pool installed, check out swimming pool companies in your local area.

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