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Take A Trip To France Inside Your Own Bathroom

The classics are called classics for a reason – they never go out of style. The great thing about going with the basics is that you don’t have to worry about change anytime soon – the items you have will basically last forever. It’s no wonder why traditional pieces of furniture have become so popular in homes nowadays. However, traditional style décor and the authentic pieces that come with it can be rather difficult to achieve and source. For instance, you may want to have a traditional bathroom but you definitely could not afford to pay for an antique French faucet. That does not have to be the problem though. You can still acquire a traditionally styled home without having to go deep underwater in debt.

1. Go for simplicity.

If you want to achieve a traditional look for your bathroom, the sure way for you to do that is to opt for a clean and simple feel. Opt to use a lot of whites and blues on your walls and floors to achieve that fresh yet not clinical look. Add depth and warmth to the look by placing a chair that has an antique vibe to it and converting it as towel holder. While the chair does not perform its traditional function, the very French café-like atmosphere the entire room gives definitely inspires you to pick up a book during your next bath.

2. Look for furniture pieces with character.

If a more dramatic look is what you are after, then you definitely need to accentuate your room’s ambiance with furnishings that have that oomph. Look for cabinets and vanities with rounded legs and ornate carvings. Make sure to counteract the very sophisticated look of your décor by going for neutrals in the walls and floors.

3. Choose colors that calm you.

Another important feature of the traditional style is the judicious use of calming colors including light hues of blues and greens. If you see the excellent craftmanship in so many furniture jobs at Nick Scali, you will find interesting ideas.You can then pick out furniture pieces that have neutral colors such as white, black, and the more controversial gray and brown. Sticking to this palette ensures that your bathroom won’t look like that of a little kid’s but at the same time sticking to the tranquil feel.
If you have money to splurge, do not be afraid to invest in traditional furniture pieces such as vanities and cabinets. They are not just pretty to look at but they remind you about what it feels like entering a French bathroom. When you follow the tips listed above, it’s easy to turn your very own bathroom into a French delight. Stick to choosing the right kind of bathroom colors  and  collect interesting antiques which fit your budget. You can also find interesting suggestions from French magazines and lifestyle channels.With a traditional look, you won’t feel the urge to change the look of your bathroom for ages to come.
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