Kamis, 03 Juli 2014

Vintage style Salon

Vintage style Salon - The trend vintage is becoming increasingly important in fashion and decoration, so you want to show how you can leverage the use of furniture in combination of modern and retro lamps and ornaments to create a different atmosphere in your living room.

This room combines bright colors with white walls and a detail of wallpaper of vintage style to bring a lot of character to your interior decor, the table and the mirror above the sofa are other elements that can be used to accent the style, white table, the printed fabric sofa, fireplace lamp black and colors are modern elements to achieve an authentic style.
This elegant decor has a strong presence of land and cream colors, modern furnishings of this room are the perfect combination for that library full of dark wood wall that can hold both books and other decorative elements you want to add to your taste, Retro lamps and table top combine perfectly with the furniture and carpet, this style is ideal for people who have classic and retro to match furniture or art pieces.
Other lovers of vintage style proposed acquisition search and vintage pieces in antique shops and similar places and are gradually creating the space in their homes have been designed both in their minds, fully decorated to your liking.

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