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7 Tips On How To Cool Down Your House Without An Air Conditioner

What would happen if your air conditioner stopped functioning and you couldn't find a viable technician to repair the system? You should always have a backup plan should this happen, and this is to keep the house as cool as it should without the air conditioner.

Below are a few tips on how to achieve this:

1. Close window blinds and curtains
Window blinds and curtains can block heat resonating from the house and help keep cool.  Insulated curtains or reflective blinds are the best for this job. By reflecting back sun's heat, your house will be much cooler through the hottest time of the day. You can keep the windows open throughout the day to allow breeze through.
2. Use attic ventilation
Having attic ventilation installed in our house can also help keep your house cool through hot weather.  Attic vents apply the simple rule of 'hot air rises' and as the hot air leaves the house through the vents, cooler air gushes in, hence keeping the house cool. This is the reason why most people will have attic vents installed in their houses.
3. Use lockable exterior door
A lockable screen door can help reduce room temperature as it allows air flow into the house. When cooler air flows into the house, hot air is forced out through attic vents, and this helps manage hot temperatures inside.
4. Judiciously placed porches and awnings
Porches and awnings can be installed over windows, outdoor verandahs and doors to reflect back hot sun rays and prevent them from getting into the house. Retractable awnings come in handy in hot weather as they can cover up the window especially when open during the day.   This farther helps keep the house cooler, for longer.
5. Have your house insulated
House insulation helps prevent hot sun and air from heating the room.  You can have a technician or an interior designer who deals with the same insulate the house for you. Insulating your home helps keep your house cooler in hot weather, and warmer in cold weather, hence a great feature to consider. Insulating your home will save you on energy and heating bills by a great factor.
6. Plant trees around your home
This is a long term investment that may take about 4 years to yield. Trees provide a cooler ecosystem around the house, and this helps maintain room temperatures remarkably.  Additionally, these trees will help purify air and even stop hot torrential air, meaning your home will be much safer than in an open ground.
7. Have heat sources turned off
Your homes may have tens of heat sources that are contributing to the excess heat. Identify and switch off any heat source you can find within the house. These could be stoves, oven, incandescent bulbs and TVs.   You can replace incandescent bulbs with LED or fluorescents to reduce heat production within the same. You can use a microwave to warm foods up if need be.
Whether your air conditioner is functional or not, the 7 tips discussed below will greatly help keep your house cooler during summer.

    Vince Bradley is a appliance repair technician. He is specializing in kitchen appliance repair and love to write about home imrpovement. He is working for ABCAuthorizedRepair in Studio City, CA.

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