Rabu, 03 Oktober 2012

Top Five Interior Design Mistakes

It's not always necessary to hire a professional to design your home, although it can be easier if you don't have a strong sense of aesthetics, line and light. You can do it yourself - just bear in mind these major interior design pitfalls and you should be well on your way!

Getting Too Creative
Don't be overly ambitious when it comes to redecorating a room. Often, spaces are at their best when the colours are simple, lines are clean and the area is free of clutter. It takes a skilled hand to know when and how to combine patterns, so unless you know what you're doing, keep it simple and use colour accents from the same family to highlight areas, rather than blocks of clashing colour. This is particularly important when it comes to small spaces, where too much colour can be overwhelming and make the area feel cramped.

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