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What Extension is Right For Me

Whether it be a conservatory for sun bathing or adding an extra floor by using the space in the loft, extending your property can dramatically change the sense of space and character of a property.  Knowing what extension is right for you and your property can be difficult. There is really a massive choice in extensions with pros can cons for all of the types of extensions.

To make the most of your extension you must first set out what that extension is required for, what you expect to do in that new space and how much of a disturbance you are willing to allow in the construction of the extension.

The Loft Extension

Making use of wasted space at the top of your property can be a really great idea, however loft extension require planning permission and a lot of work insulating and adding skylights. These are perfect extension for properties with wide high loft.  Having a wider tall roof maximises the loft space and increase the area in the extension that you can stand in. 
The Loft Extension

High Wider Loft Extension                                                 

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