Sabtu, 12 Januari 2013

How to Organize Your Workbench for Easy Storage

A workbench requires organization and storage to keep tools in a proper place and increase efficiency. Even if spending time at a workbench is a personal hobby, getting everything organized and put away will reduce frustration.

Put In Storage Cubbies

A simple storage tool that works for any workbench space is putting in cubbies. Small cubbies are a great place to put canisters and jars with nails, screws, washers and similar small items that otherwise gets lost in a toolbox. Larger cubby spaces are perfect for project odds and ends that can get in the way of important work.
Storage cubbies are open spaces that offer storage and organization. It is easier to keep track of items, particularly with labels that are placed above the cubby space to ensure the items are put away in the appropriate spot.

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