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Make the Most Out of Small Spaces in Your Home

With the property market struggling across the whole of the UK, it’s wise to improve the home you’ve got rather than opt for pastures new. But sometimes that is easier said than done and living with enough space can be the real challenge. So whether you’ve got a tiny apartment or a small home with no or limited storage, take note of these inventive steps towards making the most out of small spaces in your home.

Step One – Cut the Clutter

The New Year is the perfect time to de-clutter in your home and get rid of those unnecessary items clogging the place up. Be brutal and if you don’t use it every day, get it out of the way! Sell, recycle, bin or give items away to charity to free up space in your home. After all space is at a premium especially if you don’t have the square footage you’d like.

Make sure the remaining items are stored neatly, and discover space for storage in the most unlikely of places. The bedroom is the most practical and under-utilised space in the home – the bed takes up a large proportion of the room so why not make use of the space underneath the bed to store unused clothes, paperwork and seasonal items? Make the most of those nooks and crannies with some corner shelving, again another under-utilised space that is ideal for storage. A double pole system in the wardrobe also works wonders too, providing double the storage for that growing clothes collection.

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