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How To Lay A Wooden Bedroom Floor

Wooden flooring is proving a popular floor covering for bedrooms.  We have included a few handy tips to remember when decorating a bedroom with wooden flooring that will save you money, effort and time – regardless of if you are laying laminate, real wood or engineered wood flooring.

  1. Buy Enough: Work out the floor space and the number of packs needed and order an extra one.  This is especially important if the range is on sale or due to be discontinued. It also allows for any mishaps.
  2. Acclimatise the Wood: When purchasing your wood it is all too tempting to crack on and start laying down the underlay and flooring straight away. However, it is advisable to lay the packs down in the room they will be used in for at least 72 hours for engineered wood and sometimes a week for real wood flooring. This gives the flooring chance to expand and acclimatise to the temperatures of the room – making it easy to lay in the future.
  3. Floor Space Required: When planning your room, think about what flooring space is actually needed. If planning for a walk-in wardrobe or wardrobe built into the room, do you need to cover that floor space? This can save you money in the long-run. We are not talking about not covering under the bed here, but if you are thinking of adding an en-suite or cupboard you may not need to cover the floor below.
  4. Which Way to Lay: Always lay the length of the room from left to right. Do not attempt to lay across ways as this only looks odd, makes the room smaller and you will not gain any extra support.  If the floorboards are one way, then lay the panels the opposite way for extra support and less risk of nailing into an existing floorboard join.
  5. Those Odd Pieces: If the pack has a few different colours or panels you are not entirely happy with, plan to include these under the bed or under a chest of drawers, rather than wasting them or including them and regretting the design afterwards. Don’t think a rug will hide that panel as designs, styles and layouts change.
  6. Glue, Click or Nail it: Ask yourself the honest question before you start attacking your floor with a hammer and screws. What is your level of DIY knowledge? If you are not sure about nailing, then either practice or opt for a click or glue flooring. Covering a floor can quickly become a daunting task that needs to be completed.
  7. Finally…(and probably the most importantly) - know your pipework and supply: This is the most important advice and handy tip. If you are drilling or tightening up floorboards before placing the underlay or flooring make sure you know EXACTLY where the water and gas pipes are. Hitting a water pipe will cause the obvious problems, resulting in new flooring and extra work. Hitting a gas pipe will cause un-told problems and if you suspect or think you’ve hit a pipe turn off the supply immediately.  Familiarise yourself where the gas, water and electric supply is and know how to turn it off.  This will save you running for the utilities key and panicking.
If you are not sure of pipework invest in a pipe-finder, or opt for click and glue approach.
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