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5 Finishing Touches That Will Heat up Your Home

Not much competes with a cosy winter night in your own home, with loved ones, watching a film. Glaring out of the window at the bitterly cold conditions whilst keeping warm on the sofa. Perhaps there would be some chocolate involved, perhaps some wine.
Well, here are 5 finishing touches that will help keep your house snug and warm through the cold season…

    1)      Everything is Cush-ty

To keep warm whilst sitting back on the sofa having a cup of tea, accessorize your homewith large cushions. Often used simply for decorations, we must not forget that cushions, first and foremost, have a practical use –comfort and insulation. That does not mean they cannot look good too, like this Byron Damask Silk Large Cerise Cushion available for £25 at cushionsonline.co.uk.

  2)      Perfect Candidate

When it comes to styling your home and creating a lovely, warm glow a few candles are perfect for the job. Not only does the room get the benefit of the extra heat of the flame but also the homely glare sets the perfect atmosphere. Why not try a candle with multiple wicks to enhance these features? Like the Bolsius Mammoth 3 Wick Pillar for £10.99 from scentedncandleshop.com.

   3)     Heater Cheater

For that quick fix, when a room needs instant heat, why not cheat by putting a portable heater in the room to boost the temperature immediately. The Dyson Hot + Cool fan heater is sleek and stylish, as well as being a leading product of its kind (which is kind of expected from Dyson). Safe, odourless and easy to clean the heater is available from £349.99 at Dyson.co.uk.

   4)      Purchase A Dog

Before you get the wrong impression, we do not mean a real live canine. You do not even have to be a dog person, nor an animal person for that matter, to keep your house warm with this Sausage Dog Draught Excluder from homeshopping.24studio.co.uk for £9.99. Any other draught excluder will do the same job, it does not have to be a dog, perhaps a cat? Or snake?

   5)      Light a Fire on the Wall

Please do not take this too literally and light a fire on the wall caveman style. Stylish hang on the wall electric fires have become popular, operated by remote they give off a wood burning view whilst heating the room. They fit on the wall like a flat-screen television and give the room the feel of a traditional log fire, the kind you see in an old village pub. The Orial Devotion Curved Hang on the Wall Electric Fire from fireplacemegastore.co.uk is available at £269.99.

These five winter warmers are perfect finishing touches to heat up your home and they mean you are not constantly turning the thermostat up on the central heating. Some are more cost effective than others, however they will all add character to you home.

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