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Home Heating – Bathrooms

Mother Nature has taken her usual method of wishing you a Happy New Year again this time round hasn’t she? Namely, she has gifted us howling winds, plunging temperatures, disruptive snow, underhand ice and frigid rain. Yep, in the northern hemisphere, we’re getting winter full in the face, but we do have a few ways of battling this.

Of course, our main weapon is central heating, an absolute godsend and - if we’re willing to admit the sensational and true - a lifesaver. I mean, in our house we have a lovely open fire, which usually though blocked by two dogs and a cat, still manages to make our living room majorly cosy.

The one place I have to say I’m delighted is heated in the winter is the bathroom. If you have ever, like me, exited a lovely warm bath or a bracing morning shower into a room that resembles a walk-in freezer, then you will realise just how stressful this can be! Thankfully, we have a number of quality options available to us when it comes to warming through our WC.

In my house, my wife – a designer, admittedly – took hold of the decorating from the off, while I, as a willing and a feared yes man, nodded with all the enthusiasm I could muster. To be fair, she did pull it off even when it came to the heating. She definitely took the bathroom seriously, merging style with function beautifully. Our bathroom is fairly large, and as such we have two column radiators, finished in anthracite. This makes for a great contemporary look.

Covering every angle though, we also have an additional heat source in the bathroom. No, not an open fire, but a towel radiator. Not only does this unit add to the ambient temperature, but also provides us with one of those simple pleasures in life that, once experienced, can’t really be done without – toasty warm towels! I know, I’m overly pampered…

In my capacity as an interiors writer though I did have some input into the buying process, and have some tips for you so that you can get the very best from your column radiators. First of all, be sure to get your BTU calculations right. BTU stands for British Thermal Unit and it is the measurement used to assess just what level of power and energy you need to heat a certain space. This will ensure you get efficient and cost-effective heating.

Speaking of cost-effective, one other thing I would advise is to research the materials your radiators or towel radiators will be made of. I always counsel that steel is a good option, low carbon steel very much the best. This is because it offers an ideal blend of qualities, not least corrosion resistance, strength and a certain amenability to welded joints that means more adventurous designs can be handled. Of course, resilience and strength equates to longevity, which also leads on to savings as you don’t have to shell out to repair or replace rusty or broken units.

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