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Stylish Nautical Interiors For Coastline Properties

Creating a nautical themed interior can be a difficult task. If you go completely overboard (pardon the pun!) you run the risk of being tacky. However, you do still want people to stand up and take notice of your hard work creating a design theme. Here you can find a selection of tips and tricks to help you create a nautical inspired interior with the perfect mix of style and interest. 

House size and space

First, take into account whether you are decorating a big home or a small home. If your house is large then you will be able to get away with bigger pieces that make more of a statement. You can think about oversized features or kitsch and quirky designs that will make a statement. If your house is a little on the smaller side, you may need to hold back a little bit to avoid creating a cluttered environment. You can often find some interesting examples of big beachside properties from a Sandbanks estate agent

Bring the outside In

Let’s start by keeping things simple and talk about bringing the outdoors into your home. Gathering a collection of shells and pebbles from the beach is a great way to deliver a subtle nod to all things nautical. Find yourself a good selection of glass jars and hurricane lamps and fill them with shells and a tea light for a cute lighting effect. You could also try collecting some driftwood from around your local beach and putting it on display? 

The Cute Factor

Bring a touch of cuteness to your nautical home with some nautical accessories in the shape of mini beach huts and little fish. Hang these from door handles or place them in your bathroom for a really sweet look. 

DSC02749 (1).jpg

Ropes and Accessories

A great way to make use of authentic nautical ropes is to create your own rope banister leading up the stairs. This is a practical and fun home accessory that just screams nautical! It is also an ideal way of adding some extra safety to a family home without a hand-rail already installed. 

Glassware and Vases

Try using glassware to really deliver a nautical feel to the home. By using deep oceanic blues and sea greens, you can soon create a look that is on trend and evokes a feeling of being by the sea.

Pictures and Images

Finding the right pictures to hang on your wall is another important design element. Try making your own out of driftwood you’ve collected on the beach, or have one commissioned via an Etsy crafter if time is an issue for you. 

Why not get out and about to your local beach and take your own photographs of the beautiful scenery and have them framed for your home? Print them in black and white for a dark and dramatic effect or choose bright and vibrant pictures for a colourful room. 

There really are so many options to try, so get your thinking caps on and see what you can come up with for your coastline property. 

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