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Ten Open Shelves Ideas For Your Kitchen

When we see open shelves in a kitchen, we usually notice three different ways of decoration – minimalist, shelf mess or the combination of these two.
In other words, people often use the less is more approach by putting only a few good items. Then, there are those who take on the full functional approach, putting everything on the open shelves.
Today, we present you 10 wonderful open shelf kitchen ideas, so you can use them in your home. Find inspiration in the following lines of text, and your kitchen may look more beautiful than ever.

White kitchen elements – less is more

In this kitchen open shelves are used for dishes. In a totally white space, there are white dishes. They are very neatly organized, creating an elegant shelf that is everything but crowded.

Black and white kitchen – elegant details

In this elegant kitchen there isn't a lot of space. Unique pieces are on the shelves, creating an image of a valuable collection. Black and white, when it meets a metallic shine, is truly beautiful.

Kitchen with contrast details

Black stone slate is perfect for a clean, fresh representation of white dishes. Enough space between elements creates a feeling of size, and the contrast between dark and light is beautiful and dramatic.

Modern mix of shelves in the kitchen

Now we move on to open shelves that include a series of items, including mixing materials from stainless steel, just like in the picture. When deciding what to show, you can choose pieces that fit a certain color scheme or style you like. You can even achieve a retro modern look by using ceramic dishes, placing them on the top level of the shelf.

Open shelves in an industrial kitchen

Open shelves can be used when decorating industrial kitchens. Bowls filled with groceries and bowls that are constantly used can be found on an open shelf. White combined with stainless steel, enhances the beauty of the space and doesn't create a feeling of messiness.

Hanging shelves

Open shelves can hang from the ceiling. They will surely be a visual contact point in your kitchen. Lemon and fresh plants can be used to decorate the shelves. You can also use glasses.

White shelves with white details

In this kitchen the wall and shelves are white. To fresh the space up even more, you can use green bottles. Add some black details if you fancy that.

Shelves combined with wall print

Open shelves give you the possibility of using bold and dashing prints on your wall. Neutral colored shelves can be decorated with bowls and pictures, and some line details can make it very elegant and bold.

Shelves as a bar

Shelves in your kitchen can be used to hold alcohol bottles just like in a bar. Put them against some racy wallpaper to make your space look even more beautiful.

Shelves with plants

Open shelves can look lovely if you fill them up with vases holding beautifully smelling plants and flowers. Also, if you fill them up with small green gardens, they will look perfect and fresh.
You see, all in all, open shelves are a great way to make your kitchen look very beautiful. Mix them up with some great natural lighting, add some dashy wallpaper and make your kitchen a place of your dreams.
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