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Future Trends In Architecture

Architecture is undergoing innovative times at the moment and much of it is due to the rapid development of new technologies. There are a lot of great ideas being drawn up and the future will indeed be very different in this field. Here are some of the top trends in architecture for the future.

Big Functional Building Complexes

BuildingIt appears that in the future a lot more people will be living in communal building complexes. This is due to the fact that urban living is becoming the norm and architects need to find ways to overcome overcrowding.

One way to do it is to continue building big apartment blocks and skyscrapers. In the future these buildings wont just be about living and they won’t only consist of apartments. It is now much more common to build big complexes that integrate shops, schools and even hospitals within.

For instance, there is already a huge trend towards building apartment blocks that have their own gyms and shops and this trend is going to start including even more things in the future.

Environmentally Friendly Building

The trend is also leaning towards sustainable living. There will be much more focus going towards sustainable solutions. Environmentally friendly building is already starting to overtake conventional ways of building and people are becoming more and more aware of their impact to the nature.

Environment Friendly House

More buildings are going to look into sustaining themselves and this trend is already evident in the rise of communal gardens. These gardens are being built in many parts of the world and their size and function is constantly on the increase. Future architecture is also trying to solve issues with vertical farming.

There will also be more attention being paid to finding out ways for buildings to produce their own energy. Already solar panels are part of many public and private buildings but there will be more attention being paid to wind energy as well in the future.

Another trend in environmentally friendly building is going to be recycling. Water is one of the resources that are increasingly being recycled within buildings and there will most likely be more focus on this in the future.

Innovative Materials

There is a lot of effort being put into finding new innovative materials to use. One material that is already being used and the popularity of which will most likely only increase is ETFE. This material can be used in many different and innovative ways and that makes it very flexible when it comes to its use.

Innovative Materials in house

          Innovative Materials in floor

It comes in various different colours and is a very environmentally friendly option because of the insulation and transparent qualities it possesses. You can look at information about ETFE at the Vector Foiltec website.

The above are some of the trends in architecture that will gain more popularity in the near future. They are already being implemented but the focus on them will most likely keep increasing. You can look at great future suggestions and trends at Web Urbanist.
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