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Quick Fire Bathroom Buying Tips

Modern life is hectic – I know it, you know it. This means the amount of time we have for ourselves, to binge on TV box sets or eat biscuits (just me?) is severely reduced. That also means that the essential tasks in life, like decorating, eat into that time. Like me then, I can imagine you want to minimise the drudgery and maximise the relaxation, and with that noble intention in mind I have thrown together a few very short tips as to how to get the best when sorting out your bathroom. Essentially, I’ve done your research for you, and you’re very welcome.

Toilet – When it comes to ceramics, for me, there’s only one viable choice of material: White Vitreous China. This is the platinum (not literally) of bathroom materials, and offers great strength and a lush, smooth finish. Also, get a dual flush model, as this’ll save you money along the line.

Sink – Ah, there’s always an awkward one. Erm, what to say about sinks? Much of the above really, bar the flushing. Be sure to go for WVC for sure.

Taps – Here we go, something I can try and be more useful with. Taps should be solid brass, if you can get them, as it offers hardy strength and corrosion resistance – this equates to longevity, saving you money and hassle. Furthermore, I can heartily recommend ceramic washers, which do not wear anywhere near as much as rubber ones, eliminating leaking.

Baths–This is pretty much down to personal preference, style-wise, but I can’t counsel you enough to get yourself a tub finished in Lucite acrylic. This material provides an unblemished, burnished look which remains completely warm to the touch.

Shower–Get a thermostatic shower. Yes, it’s a slightly heavier outlay to begin with, but I promise this is paid back through the increased ease of use: no more twiddling with taps, trying not to swear, to get a consistently warm flow. Also, treat yourself to a cool shower head – LED models are particularly popular and not as expensive as you might think.

Heating – Couple of early points: for me, modern looks suit vertical radiators, and traditional horizontal. That could be subjective but seems borne out by the design themes I’ve seen that work. I would advise you to consider electric radiatorstoo, as these offer a lot of flexibility. The best example I can give is for the summer months, as you can switch this on to dry towels and the like without using all the energy across the whole system.

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