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Essential Outside Winter DIY Jobs You Have to Do

Winter is here and Christmas is nearly upon us. But while most people are thinking about how much they need to buy their friends’ and family’s presents, many people are forgetting to look after their homes.

The winter weather can take its toll on your home, and if you’re not careful, you might find that once winter has been and gone, you’ll have to spend some serious money repairing the damage. That is, of course, unless you complete these simple winter DIY tasks that will help prevent any serious problems from arising. Of course, you can never be 100% winter-proof, but with this guide, you’ll at least be safe in the knowledge that you’ve done everything you can. So without further ado, here’s our list of essential outdoor winter DIY jobs you have to do.

1 – A Slip-free Zone

Firstly, you don’t want you or any visitors to trip over on the way to your front door, so make sure that you get out into the snow and clear your driveway and any paths that are in regular use up to your door. The best way to do this is with a heavy metal spade that can cut through any thick ice. 

Make your work last by laying down some sand, salt or gravel (or a mix of all three!) to keep the ground from re-freezing. If you don’t ice can get into your surface and create cracks and holes.

2 – Look up

Next – and this is particularly relevant if your roof is made of slate tiles – get onto your roof and see if any of the tiles are coming – or have come – loose. If they have, they could cause a serious problem if they fall off the roof and land on somebody or something. Tiles are relatively heavy, and this means they could cause a serious injury to a passerby, so it’s always better to make sure your roof tiles are secure before the worst of the weather hits.

3 – Cut Backs

We’re not talking about austerity measures here, we’re talking about cutting back any large tree branches and anything else that could get in your way on a long dark winter evening as you try to get into the house. This could take some time so if you’re going to get the work done in a single day, you might need a wireless light to help you workwhen the sun goes down.

Ultimately, these three tips only get you so far to protecting your home from the winter, and there are numerous other guides out there to helpyou insulate your home against the cold. So prepare your home for the worst of the winter weather now, and you’ll be able to thank yourself later.

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